Development of B2B systems

In just over 20 years we have developed and implemented a lot of B2B systems which completely satisfied customers’ expectations and wishes. Generally the distributor has an internal accounting in 1C or SAP systems, and our goal is to organise a proper online communication with clients:

  • product range considering all discounts,
  • accounting of dealer’s product residues,
  • purchase order with automatic goods reservation in the accounting system, with invoice creation, with accounting of payments etc.,
  • splitting the order into iterations considering all processing statuses,
  • providing clients with access to personal accounts with all necessary documents, balances, mutual settlements etc.,
  • information and video libraries, training courses for dealers etc.

After the project launch we provide technical support during the whole period of website operation.

The last case includes implementation of a B2B system for the company A&T Trade Hi-Fi, High End, CI. Through our technical support we continue to develop and maintain this system.